Why Is When Harry Met Sally Rated R?

Why is When Harry Met Sally rated R? Parents need to know that this movie, while set against the background of a strong friendship and filled with great romantic role models, contains many references to sex. Though no sex is actually shown, about a quarter of conversation revolves almost completely around the topic.

Why is youve got mail Rated PG?

Discussions of infidelity and cybersex. Infrequent use of “ass” and “hell.” Prominent logos for Starbucks, Baby Gap, America Online (and the tell-tale sound of its dial-up service), Zabar's, VISA, etc. Social drinking, primarily wine, at events and restaurants.

Is while you were sleeping okay for kids?

Parents need to know that While You Were Sleeping is basically a charming, old-fashioned comedy with a bit of cursing and some selfish behavior. There's also a bit of sexual innuendo.

How old is you've got mail?

You've Got Mail
Release date December 18, 1998
Running time 119 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Is Sally Face Rated M?

There's no explicit sexual content in Sally Face, but some references to sexual acts, affairs, etc.

Is Sally Face scary?

Sally Face isn't for the faint of heart. Despite its 2D cartoon visuals, a lot of grotesque imagery features throughout. Dead bodies, blood, disturbing creatures – and that's all within the first episode. If you get a kick out of the macabre, there's a heck of a lot to love here.

Is Sally Face a horror game?

Sally Face is an indie horror point-and-click Adventure game developed by Steve Gabry. The game is broken up into five episodes following the titular character, a boy with a prosthetic face, where the player follows as he moves into the Addison Apartments with his father following a mysterious murder.

What is you've got mail Rated?

You've Got Mail

What is the rating for Sleepless in Seattle?

Sleepless in Seattle

Why is splash Rated PG?

This movie nevertheless gets a PG rating because the nudity is all non-sexual nudity, and it is all essential to the plot. All parts of the body are visible at one point or another except for pubic areas or genitalia, which we never see clearly.”

What is the movie While You Were Sleeping rated?

While You Were Sleeping

Is there a season 2 of while you were sleeping?

However, with the expanding popularity of K-dramas, the show met with incredible ratings and great surveys from the critics. As of now, the production of the show “While You Were Sleeping” has made no official declaration concerning the 2nd season.

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