Who Is In The Goldfish Commercial?

Who is in the goldfish commercial? It's hilarious all on its own, but the commercial is even better when you know the two stars are actually best friends and former teammates Boban Marjanović and Tobias Harris.

Are Boban and Tobias friends?

Since 2016, NBA standouts Boban Marjanovic and Tobias Harris have been best friends. Ever since they met as teammates on the Detroit Pistons, Harris and Boban clicked and formed a close friendship during their time in Detroit. Harris, who had a max contract offer from the Sixers, remained in Philly.

Where is Boban Marjanovic now?

Who narrates the goldfish commercial?

Doug Benson on Twitter: "The voice in the Goldfish Crackers ads is Kevin Kline.

Is Boban Marjanovic married?

Is Tobias Harris married?

Harris is engaged to Jasmine Winton. Harris is a Christian. Harris has three brothers, Tyler, T.J. and Terry, and two sisters, Tori and Tesia.

Are Boban and Luka friends?

It's official: Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic and center Boban Marjanovic are the best of friends. While it doesn't really need any label–having seen the great relationship between the two–it's still pretty good to see them having fun together.

Who is Boban's best friend?

Boban Marjanovic and Tobias Harris are probably the two best friends that you can find in the NBA. Their relationship has come a long way, they have shared the court with the same team and faced each other as rivals, but the love is always there. This bromance is one of the best we've seen in the league.

How tall is Boban Marjanovic?

Where is Jokic from?

How big is Boban Marjanovic hands?

His paws have never officially been measured, but they're estimated to have a 10.75-inch hand length and a 12-inch hand span. The estimates spawn from Boban comparing hands with former San Antonio Spurs teammate Ray McCallum in a pic. For reference, McCallum has a hand length of 8 inches and a span of 8.75 inches.

How old is Marjanovic?

What nationality is Boban Marjanovic?

What is the goldfish saying?

A situation affording no privacy, as in Being in a goldfish bowl comes with the senator's job-there's no avoiding it.

How much does Boban Marjanovic weight?

Who is Dirk wife?

How tall is Porzingis?

How tall is Luka?

Where is Matisse Thybulle from?

How tall is Matisse?

How old is Khris?

How tall is Kai Sotto?

What height is Kevin Durant?

How tall is Yao Ming?

Where is Luka from?

What do Jokic's brothers do?

How old is Devin Booker?

How big are Paul George's hands?

Paul George has significantly small hands for his height of 6'9". His hand length measures only 8.5 inches which is around 7% shorter than the average for his height.

How big is Shaq's shoe?

But perhaps the most staggering O'Neal statistic is the one he wears on his feet. His shoe size is 22 - which is roughly the size of Highlands Ranch. Shaq lives large.

Does Boban Marjanovic use an iPad as a phone?

The Largest Hands In NBA History

Boban's hands are so big, he uses an iPad as a cell phone.

What is Bol Bol real name?

Bol Manute Bol (/boʊl/; born November 16, 1999) is an American professional basketball player for the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

How tall is Nowitzki?

How tall is kawhi?

What is Bol Bol height?

Does Boban Marjanovic have acromegaly?

He doesn't have a condition, as he doesn't demonstrate the symptoms of something like Gigantism.

Who is the Russian guy in the goldfish commercial?

Boban Marjanovic, Tobias Harris reunite for terrific Goldfish commercial.

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