Where Is The Frying Pan In Fable?

Where is the frying pan in fable? The Frying Pan is a weapon that can be found in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. To get it, you must find all six treasure clues and then dig it up in Orchard Farm. If you obtain it before you have all six clues, it will cause no damage and will not have any augment slots.

What does the frying pan do in Fable anniversary?

Achievement unlocked.. Alternatively you can dig it up from the very beginning of the game, but the Frying Pan will have zero damage and no augmentation slots. The achievement does pop with the zero damage version and also rewards you 100 renown for found treasure.

How do you get all the treasure clues in fable?

  • Bounty Hunt silver quest.
  • Lost Trader silver quest.
  • Assassin Attacks after killing all 5 Assassins.
  • Knothole Glade by earning a score over 200 points (220 in Fable: Anniversary) in the Archery Competition or by killing the Competition runner.
  • Orchard Farm chest.
  • Windmill Hill chest.
  • Where is the treasure in fable?

    The treasure is to the left of the pier on the western beach. Pirate's wife is standing a little bit further to the west. When you return to the ghost, he'll disappear and tell you there's a reward for you buried under the axe of the statue in Memorial Garden (Silver Key + Obsidian Axe).

    How much money do you have to donate to the temple of light?

    Simply go to the Temple of Light in Oakfield and you can make donations (via the non-glowing coffer just right of the central statue). You get morality and purity points for the cash you donate, though you have to donate at least 50 gold coins in order to earn anything.

    Did this for a Cheevo?

    Description. Achievement Unlocked; You look ridiculous.

    How do you summon a powerful creature in fable?

    Summon a powerful creature to fight by your side. To get this achievement, you will need a summon spell. Take down your foes health, and then use the Summon spell to summon a wasp. Let the wasp kill the creature, and it will automatically turn into the creature it killed.

    How do you get the bounty hunt quest in Fable?

    Bounty Hunt is a side quest in Fable Anniversary that is available after you complete the main quest Rescue the Archaeologist. You can get the quest card in the map room from Heroes' Guild. As the quest's name suggests, your task is to rescue the villagers that have been kidnapped by bandits.

    Are you listening to me achievement?

    The Fable Wiki | Fandom.

    Arcane: League of Legends - The Loop.

    Are You Listening To Me?
    Achievement Information
    Gamerscore 25
    Description Few things are smarter in Albion than a talking stone door, so imagine a door that knows the YMCA.

    What happens if you marry Lady GREY?

    If you choose to marry Lady Grey in Fable, Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary you will receive a dowry of 15,000 gold: the largest marriage dowry in the game. In Fable, TLC and Anniversary she will not obey the command 'follow' no matter how many gifts you give her or how much she seems to like you.

    What is the best weapon in Fable?

    Sword of Aeons is by far the most powerful of the Legendary Weapons in Fable. Acquisition of the sword is tied in with the main questline of Fable. Specifically, the is sword can be found in the Chamber Of Fate after defeating Jack of Blades.

    How do I open the Rose Cottage demon door?

    In order to open it, the player must give it a gift, even a simple one, such as chocolates or a rose. There is also a Silver Key in this area, buried in the middle of the ring of roses near the house.

    How do you sneak past the Bandits in fable?

    If you do happen to be seen, a simple method is to kill the bandits, and hide between the rock and hill at the left-most edge of the map and wait until the bandits walk past you; once they do simply dash out and run through the gate.

    Who can you marry in fable?

    The Hero of each game can get married to most of the minor NPCs they see in the games, as well as some awarded from quests (such as Elise/Eliot in Fable III or Lady Grey in Fable), who have unique character models.

    Where do you use the spade in fable?

    While chasing Jack of Blades you will go to Orchard Farm. When you are here you can use the spade exploit on the barricade behind you to get into Greatwood. If you travel to other areas in the game after doing this you will be able to see areas in the game under attack by Jack's Minions.

    How much gold do you have to donate at the Temple of Avo?

    You need to do them together. Donate gold at the Temple of Avo during the day and sacrifice people at the Chapel of Skorm at night. On average you will need 50,000 gold to complete the Temple of Avo. You don't have to do both temples together, but doing it this way will ensure you get rewards from both.

    How do you beat the Temple of Light in Fable anniversary?

    Tips. The amount you must donate to complete this Quest is determined by your alignment. If you are part way or fully evil the amount you will need to donate is between 35,000 - 40,000. If you are part way or fully good you may need to donate up to 320,000.

    How do you buy the Temple of Light?

    Purchase. It is possible to purchase the Temple of Light if the player completes the Defender of the Light quest. It has a Base Value of 100,000. The sign is on the entrance to the new building after the player returns from the Tattered Spire.

    Where do I get a dress in Fable anniversary?

    You can buy the dress in Bowerstone South, and you can find the Redhead Wig upstairs in Darkwood Bordello. To get the wig, you need to sleep with some one otherwise the guard will not let you anywhere near the wig, which is located on top of the drawers. The wig can also be purchased in the town of Snowspire.

    Can you turn into a Balverine in fable?

    Citizens of Albion are afraid of these beasts, and with good reason: balverines can infect others, turning them into balverines through a bite.

    How do you get Sword of Aeons early?

    Who was Jack of Blades?

    Jack of Blades is the main antagonist of Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. According to the Snowspire Oracle, Jack was already ancient by the time humans came into existence, and appeared in the unnamed world from the Void with the Court.

    How do you save the hostage at Greatwood Lake?

    Save the guy by killing the five bandits, then quickly head back to Greatwood Entrance. Kill the bandits, then follow the wall on the right until you hit the bridge, kill the bandit leader and go across the bridge and go through the exit into Greatwood Lake.

    Can you have babies in Fable anniversary?

    Fable, Fable: TLC and Fable Anniversary

    Unlike Fable II and Fable III, the player cannot have their own child even after marriage.

    Should I marry or expose lady GREY?

    You have to marry Lady Grey to open the Demon Door in the Grey House area. Upon researching the "Investigating the Mayor" quest online I found out that if you are married when you get the letter in the cellar she forces you to give her the letter and the quest is finished. You can't expose her.

    How do you pull the sword from the stone in fable?

    In order to remove the sword from its stone, your Hero must have upgraded physique, health, and toughness attributes. Specifically, after your first attempt to remove the sword, you must upgrade physique by 5, health by 2, and toughness by 3.

    How do you get Solus Greatsword from Lady GREY?

    In Fable The Lost Chapters, you can buy it for about 69,000 to 70,000 gold. However, if the Hero has married Lady Grey, he can court her by giving her gifts and flirting with her. Eventually she will give him the Solus Greatsword (with no augments) as a gift.

    What is the best Armour in fable?

    Archon's Battle Armour is an outfit exclusive to Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. It can be found in Necropolis inside the 25 Silver Key Chest.

    Can you keep Sword of Aeons without killing sister?

    In order to wield it, the Hero must sacrifice his sister. The Hero may also opt to cast it into the vortex opened by Jack's death, which destroys the sword. In Fable: The Lost Chapters, choosing to destroy the Sword of Aeons gives the Hero the option of receiving Avo's Tear, an equally powerful sword.

    How do you lose weight in Fable anniversary?

    How do you turn on the lamp in fable?

    Fable II. In Fable II the Hero's lamp, though never seen, automatically turns on when entering dark areas.

    How do you get the HUWS sword in Fable anniversary?

    Arcane: League of Legends - The Loop

    The Harbinger is a legendary longsword in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. The way to obtain it is to pull it out of a stone, similar to the way King Arthur did in his fabled story.

    Should I spare Twinblade?

    If you didn't kill Twinblade, you are jeered by the Bandits while exiting out of the camp. During the fight, you can't kill the Bandits because they attack you first, giving you no chance to counter-attack. If you spare Twinblade, you can attack the Bandits and Twinblade won't attack you.

    Is Theresa dead fable?

    Theresa is the older sister of the Hero of Oakvale. The two of which are descendants to the archon bloodline.

    New Pokemon Games - The Loop.

    Last Appearance Fable: The Journey
    Status Unknown

    How do you open the Demon Door in abandoned road?

    Demon Door

    In order to open the door, wear the Bright Platemail Suit and talk to the door. Repeat the same process while wearing the Dark Will User's Outfit and the Bandit Outfit, in that order. Beyond the Demon Door you'll find the legendary weapon The Dollmaster's Mace.

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