What Was George Costanza’s Project?

What was George Costanza's project? The Bottle Deposit, Part 2

Wilhelm is delighted with the job George did on the project; however, George has no idea what he did or how he did it.

What is the best Seinfeld episode?

  • 1 The Contest (9.6) IMDB Rating: 9.6.
  • 2 The Opposite (9.6) IMDB Rating: 9.6.
  • 3 The Outing (9.5) IMDB Rating: 9.5.
  • 4 The Soup Nazi (9.5) IMDB Rating: 9.5.
  • 5 The Bizarro Jerry (9.2)
  • 6 The Marine Biologist (9.2)
  • 7 The Merv Griffin Show (9.2)
  • 8 The Abstinence (9.1)
  • Who played the farm girl on Seinfeld?

    Karen Lynn Scott: Susie

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    Does Seinfeld have a bottle episode?

    But, of course, Seinfeld isn't literally about nothing. But Seinfeld's two bottle episodes – 'The Chinese Restaurant' (S02E11) and 'The Parking Space' (S03E06) – were as close to nothing as you could get.

    Did the maid steal the statue Seinfeld?

    It exactly resembles a similar statue he broke as a child and his parents never forgave him for. He is thrilled to have it back but when the statue goes missing and ends up in the home of Ray, Jerry's cleaning man, George is sure Ray stole it.

    Who was the traveling secretary on Seinfeld?

    Matt Wilhelm was George Costanza's supervisor while working as assistant to the travelling secretary at Yankee Stadium, portrayed by late Richard Herd.

    What's wrong with Kramer Seinfeld?

    In the course of five years, psychiatry students and their professor at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey have concluded that Kramer's behavior is in line with that of people given diagnoses of schizoid personality disorder.

    What Seinfeld episode was banned?

    The Puerto Rican Day
    "The Puerto Rican Day"
    Seinfeld episode
    Episode no. Season 9 Episode 20
    Directed by Andy Ackerman

    What Seinfeld episode is shrinkage?

    The Hamptons
    "The Hamptons"
    Seinfeld episodes
    Episode nos. Season 5 Episodes 21
    Directed by Tom Cherones
    Written by Peter Mehlman & Carol Leifer

    Who played Sue Ellen on Seinfeld?

    "Seinfeld" The Betrayal (TV Episode 1997) - Brenda Strong as Sue Ellen Mischke - IMDb.

    Who stole Jerry's car?

    Tony took extreme exception to it and chose to steal Jerry's car rather than return it. He then took the stolen Saab for a joyride and was last seen with it in rural Ohio, lobbing golf clubs at a mail truck driven by Cosmo Kramer, who was attempting to help Jerry get the Saab back.

    Was Brenda Strong in Seinfeld?

    Brenda Strong is an American actress who portrayed Sue Ellen Mischke on Seinfeld; she appeared in "The Caddy", "The Abstinence", The Bottle Deposit (Part 1) and "The Betrayal".

    Why is it called a bottle episode?

    The term "bottle show" was coined by Leslie Stevens, creator and executive producer of 1960s TV series The Outer Limits, for an episode made in very little time at very little cost, "as in pulling an episode right out of a bottle like a genie". The earliest known use of the term "bottle episode" dates from 2003.

    What is the highest rated episode of TV?

    1 Breaking Bad: Ozymandias - 10/10 (124300+ Votes)

    Breaking Bad is one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows ever, and it shouldn't be a surprise that one of its episodes holds the title for being the highest-rated episode in the history of modern television.

    What time did Seinfeld air?

    In the middle of its fourth season, NBC placed the show on Thursday nights at 9:30 pm, following Cheers. The following year, Seinfeld replaced the departed Cheers at 9:00, where it became the anchor of NBC's "Must See TV" lineup.

    Do Jerry and Elaine end up together?

    Since the start of the show, NBC executives, especially Warren Littlefield, had been pressuring the writing staff to get Jerry and Elaine back together. Though Jerry and Elaine are still in a relationship at the end of the episode, they are no longer together by the end of the season.

    Is Rava from Seinfeld Finnish?

    Rava is a writer from Finland who appears in "The Statue". She is played by Nurit Koppel.

    Is Jason Alexander married?

    Jason Alexander

    What does Kramer do for a living?

    Kramer has a variety of ways of making a living, including gambling, working in various theater projects, acting out illnesses at a medical school, getting a spot on the show Murphy Brown, and pitching ideas for inventions like his Coffee Table Book, a book about coffee tables and celebrities with their coffee tables

    Was Jason Alexander on friends?

    Alexander appeared on Friends' 2001 episode “The One Where Rosita Dies,” in which he plays Earl, a suicidal supply manager who receives a telemarketing call from Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe Buffay.

    Is Kramer schizotypal?

    Tobia tells NJ.com that all four characters have personality traits that are maladaptive to some extent on a psychiatric level. For example, Jerry has obsessive-compulsive features, Kramer has schizoid traits, George is egocentric and Elaine has an inability to form meaningful relationships.

    What mental disorder does George Costanza have?

    "When you get these friends together the dynamic is such that it literally creates a plot: Jerry's obsessive compulsive traits combined with Kramer's schizoid traits, with Elaine's inability to forge meaningful relationships and with George being egocentric."

    Is Kramer's hair real in Seinfeld?

    Oh it was a wig. You'll see that in the NOTES ABOUT NOTHING as the episode plays and also in the blooper reel where we see the actual wig come off and even the smoke go off before it's supposed to.

    What episodes was Elaine not in?

    Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) did not appear in season one, episode one, Seinfeld: Good News, Bad News (1989), season four episodes one and two, Seinfeld: The Trip: Part 1 (1992) & Seinfeld: The Trip: Part 2 (1992).

    Why did Seinfeld go to jail?

    The jury finds Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer guilty of criminal indifference and the judge sentences them to a year in prison. While awaiting their prison transport, Kramer finally gets the water out of his ears.

    Was that the real Calvin Klein on Seinfeld?

    Calvin Klein is modeled after the real-life American fashion designer of the same name. Klein agrees to meet with Kramer in "The Pick" to discuss Kramer's concerns that the company has stolen his idea for a fragrance called "The Beach". In "The Pilot, Part 2," Calvin Klein was seen watching Jerry with Tia Van Camp.

    What appears in every Seinfeld episode?

    Almost everyone knows that comedian Jerry Seinfeld is a big Superman fan. But an urban legend has sprung up that Jerry snuck a reference to the Man of Steel in every episode of NBC's Must-See comedy juggernaut, "Seinfeld", which aired from 1989 to 1998.

    Did Richard Burgi play on Seinfeld?

    We're getting to know the actor before his big debut. Richard Burgi was born in Montclair, New Jersey. Burgi was on Seinfeld episode, “The Hamptons.” This is when the Seinfeld group of friends went to see Michael and Carol's baby in the Hamptons. Richard Burgi plays the baby's pediatrician, Ben.

    Who plays Lillian Luthor?

    Lillian Luthor

    Who plays Kay Liddell in Dawson's Creek?

    Brenda Lee Strong
    Year 2001
    Title Dawson's Creek
    Role Kay Liddell
    Notes Episode: "High Anxiety"

    Who is Brenda Strong married to?

    How much is Seinfeld worth?

    Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth

    Net Worth: $950 Million
    Date of Birth: Apr 29, 1954 (67 years old)
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.803 m)
    Profession: Actor, Television producer, Film Producer, Writer, Screenwriter, Stand-up comedian, Voice Actor

    How did Larry David meet Jerry?

    David met comedian Jerry Seinfeld in 1976, and the two soon began collaborating on stand-up material. Described as the “show about nothing,” it centred on a comedian (played by Seinfeld) and his self-involved best friends: George Costanza, Elaine Benes, and Kramer.

    Was Kramer in a Woody Allen movie?

    Kramer gets a small role in a Woody Allen movie filmed on his and Jerry's block. George must deal with the commotion of the movie filming as he gets a job parking cars on the block. Jerry's car is stolen.

    Who plays the queen in the 100?

    EW has learned exclusively that the CW drama is adding a former Desperate Housewife to its ranks: Brenda Strong—also known for her role in the revived Dallas—will play Queen Nia of the Ice Nation.

    Who plays Queen NIA in the 100?

    Nia was a recurring character in the third and sixth seasons. She was portrayed by actress Brenda Strong and debuted in "Ye Who Enter Here". Nia was the Queen of Azgeda who attempted to overthrow Lexa, but was killed by her hands.

    Who played Loretta on Seinfeld?

    Loretta (played by Illeana Douglas), a secretary who has always had a crush on George and an inexplicable dark tan.

    What bottle girl means?

    Both are waitresses, Or “bottle girls” as they are colloquially called. The first duty of these girls is to walk around asking customers if they would like something to drink, and this is where most people ask for bottle service. At PlayBar, bottle service comes with unlimited energy drinks, juice and water.

    What is a bottle story?

    The concept of a bottle episode is simple: a single set of characters in a single space for an entire episode. Many series' best — and most divisive — episodes take place within a bottle. Drama or comedy, sci-fi or romance, every show can mine bottled situations for brilliance.

    What are bottle episodes in anime?

    What is a bottle episode? Within television, bottle episodes are ones that are limited to one location and a few actors. As a result, the action is also limited, and the story slows down to explore characters and relationships more deeply.

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