What Is The Main Ingredient In Brown Sauce?

What is the main ingredient in brown sauce? It is made of browned roux and meat stock in classical French cuisine. It is basically a mixture of ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. Other major ingredients include tomatoes, molasses, dates, tamarind and spices. Brown sauce is served with meals, and dishes like breakfasts, bacon sandwiches, chips or baked beans.

What is the base stock of a brown sauce?

Brown stock (Fond Brun):

The Brown stock is made with beef, veal, and poultry meat and bones. The bones are roasted until golden in colour, not burnt. (Burnt bones and mirepoix will damage the stock's flavour and colour). The mirepoix is added when the bones are three-quarters roasted; tomato product may also be added.

What is the Flavour of brown sauce?

The ingredients include a varying combination of tomatoes, molasses, dates, apples, tamarind, spices, vinegar, and sometimes raisins. The taste is either tart or sweet with a peppery taste similar to that of Worcestershire sauce.

What is the difference between brown sauce and gravy?

Simply, gravy is the juice and drippings of cooked meat. It can be served as is or thickened with flour. A sauce, on the other hand, is a preparation of several ingredients and is not necessarily meat-based.

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