Is Salad Fingers Still Going?

Is Salad Fingers still going? As of October 2021, there have been twelve episodes published on YouTube and Newgrounds, one of them being a short. The cartoon revolves around the eponymous "Salad Fingers," a thin, green, mentally troubled man who inhabits a desolate world.

Salad Fingers
Original release 9 May 2004 – present
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What disorder does Salad Fingers have?

Mental Disorder

Salad Fingers was originally listed as being schizophrenic and having pica. This has been changed to him merely having psychosis.

What website was Salad Fingers on?

About Salad Fingers

Salad Fingers is a surreal post-apocalyptic, psychological horror Flash cartoon series created by British cartoonist David Firth in July 2005. It is usually featured on YouTube and Newgrounds.

What does David Firth do now?

Firth continues to post regularly on and YouTube. On March 30, 2017, he created a Patreon page where fans can support his work.

Why is salad fingers disturbing?

Salad Consistently Engages In Cannibalism

There is an unsettling amount of flesh consumption in the series. In episode 2, Salad "inadvertently" cooks a young boy by tricking him into his oven. Then Salad eats himself the same way that he ate Jeremy Fisher earlier in the episode.

How many Salad Fingers episodes are there?

Salad Fingers

Who is Marjory Stewart Baxter?

Marjory Stewart-Baxter is one of the deuteragonists in the Salad Fingers series. She first appeared in the episode Friends and continues to makes cameos throughout the series. She is the only female finger puppet belonging to Salad Fingers. Her face is pale, similar to Hubert Cumberdale.

Where is MC Devvo from?

Devvo is said to be from the Doncaster/Hull area in the north of England, and he speaks in a strong accent, often humourously mispronouncing words. Devvo frequently uses bad language and is generally unpleasant to other people.

Who is Dr Jack Bellifer?

Cream (2016) - David Firth as Dr. Jack Bellifer, Various Characters - IMDb.

Who does the voice for Gecko garage?

Co-creator Christian Hughes performs the voice of Gecko.

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