How Is Freshly Food Shipped?

How is freshly food shipped? Freshly, a meal delivery service, allows users to select a weekly menu of dishes cooked by chefs onsite in one of their production kitchens. The food is then shipped directly to your door for reheating and eating. It's as easy as microwaving a frozen TV dinner, except with Freshly, it's never frozen.

How long does it take freshly to deliver?

Shipping takes 1 to 2 days to get to your door, depending on where you live. We've made and tested our packaging to keep meals nice and cool for up to 60 hours - 48 for shipping and 12 hours at your doorstep.

Who is freshly owned by?

Michael Wystrach is the CEO and co-founder of Freshly, a healthy meal delivery service offering nutrient-packed dishes with restaurant-quality taste. Wystrach brings over ten years of experience in the food industry, as well as backgrounds in finance, real estate, and multiple startups.

Do freshly meals come frozen?

Freshly delivers fresh prepared meals (they come chilled in a refrigerated box, never frozen). If you're looking for a convenient way to eat healthier every day, here's why Freshly may be for you and your family.

Does Freshly deliver to your door?

Nope, no need to wait around. Since our meals are perishable, our delivery partners will leave your package at your door - A signature isn't needed. If you have special needs or concerns about your delivery, chat with our Delivery Team at [email protected] or (844) 807-6078 and we'll do our best to help.

Is Freshly high in sodium?

Here at Freshly, we aim to average about 700 mg of sodium per meal (which is less than ⅓ of the FDA's recommendation). Bon appetit! Freshly delivers healthy, chef-developed meals weekly to make eating well easy and delicious.

Where is freshly located?

New York, New
Type Private
Founded 2012
Headquarters New York, New York , United States
Areas served United States
Key people Michael Wystrach, Carter Comstock

Do I put freshly in freezer or fridge?

We don't use any chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients, so our shelf life can range! The meals can typically be placed in the fridge for 4 days or frozen for longer. Just be sure to check the physical label on each meal for the exact use-by date.

How many times can you skip freshly?

Still working through leftovers from the holidays? No sweat. We'll miss you, but you can skip a box anytime, as many times as you want, from your laptop or phone.

Where is Freshly corporate headquarters?


Where did Freshly start?

Mary Juetten: When did you start? Michael Wystrach: I founded Freshly in 2012 because I had a personal mission to improve my eating habits. It started by putting meals together in my family's Arizona restaurant, and taking orders from friends. Through word of mouth, the demand for meals grew fast.

Where are Freshly meals made?

We make our meals in our really, really big kitchens (over 60,000-square feet!) in Phoenix, Arizona, Linden, New Jersey, and Savage, Maryland. Our equipment is well-suited for small-batch production while still being able to make meals for lots of customers.

How long do freshly meals last in the refrigerator?

Our meals are chef prepared and delivered fresh, so typically they have a refrigerated shelf life of about 3-5 days.

Do freshly meals taste good?

Freshly flavor and quality

I have to admit that I was more than a little skeptical about how good microwave-only meal delivery could be, but Freshly exceeded all my expectations. Each dish was extremely flavorful; the variety of meat, fruits, and veggies was surprising; and the ingredients tasted fresh.

Can you put freshly meals in the oven?

In the Oven

Preheat the oven to 350F. Transfer your meal to an oven-safe dish. Heat for 25-30 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 165F. Remove from the oven, let it sit for 3-5 minutes, and enjoy the tasty smells.

Does freshly use USPS?

When your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. For U.S. Domestic & International orders, we will use USPS or UPS to ship to most locations. Alternative carriers may be selected at our sole discretion to meet shipping requirements.

Does freshly charge shipping?

Luckily, you don't have to worry about any shipping costs with Freshly. The service offers one free delivery per week.

Can I cancel freshly at any time?

Following your Plan selection and placement and receipt of your first weekly order, you may cancel or modify a subscription to a Plan at any time online by managing your account at, or by emailing us at [email protected]

Can you skip weeks on freshly?

Things happen so we make it super easy to skip orders, up to 3 weeks ahead of time! Once you're signed in to your subscription, head over to your Deliveries and scroll down to the orders you want to skip and click the "Skip Week" button.

How many locations does freshly have?

Freshly is headquartered in New York, NY and has 4 office locations across 1 country.

How large a company is freshly?

Freshly Inc. has 300 total employees across all of its locations and generates $143.06 million in sales (USD).

How many customers does freshly have?

It added a net four million subscribers during the quarter ended Sept. 30 to reach 87 million subscribers and 191 million monthly active users.

Do I have to order every week from freshly?

Nope, you're in total control! If you don't want to receive an order, just skip a week (or 3!) before the deadline outlined in your Deliveries.

How often does freshly deliver?

1 - Once you create your subscription, you'll get weekly deliveries of your chosen meals unless you skip or cancel. 2 - You're in total control. Make decisions about your deliveries 3 weeks in advance! 3 - It's easy to skip.

Does freshly deliver daily?

Yup, all the meals in your order will be delivered together on your chosen day of delivery.

Does freshly have a trial?

We don't offer trials since we're a subscription, but you can cancel or skip weeks at any time. Really, any time. Once you sign up, you'll receive a confirmation email that outlines your first delivery as well as your deadline for making changes to your orders each week.

How often does freshly change menu?

Yup! We 💚 to keep things fresh. We try to change up meals every week, swapping out the old with something new, all the while maintaining customer faves. We also use YOUR Meal Ratings to revamp recipes so be sure to rate your meals!

Can I pause my freshly subscription?

You can't pause your Freshly subscription, but you can skip as many deliveries as you want. You can skip individual days or entire weeks using the website or the app.

Who are freshly's competitors?

Freshly's top competitors include Postmates, DoorDash, Instacart, GrubHub, Delivery Hero, HelloFresh, Taco Bell, Deliveroo and Sun Basket.

How long has freshly been in business?

Founded in 2012 by Wystrach and his friend Carter Comstock, the concept emerged from Wystrach's own personal mission to eat better and lose weight. After spending three years in investment banking, working long hours and eating unhealthy food, Wystrach gained weight.

Does freshly make a profit?

Freshly has turned a profit every month since it was founded in February 2015, and it closed a Series A financing round of $7 million last July, according to the company. Wystrach attributes Freshly's continued profitability to its relationship with FedEx and other couriers.

Who is Dinnerly owned by?

Marley Spoon and Dinnerly are two of the 'big 3' meal kit providers in Australia, alongside HelloFresh. This is particularly interesting as Dinnerly is actually owned by Marley Spoon! So this review compares two different meal kit services provided by the same company.

How much is freshly worth?

Freshly is one such ready-meal company. It's a subscription-based service that delivers between four and 12 single-serving, microwavable meals per week.

Freshly Meal Delivery Service Specs.

Price Per Serving $7.99-$11.99
Pescetarian Options No
Gluten-free Options No
Dairy-free Options Yes

Is freshly packaging safe?

Our meals come in Go-Green plastic containers that are microwave-safe, don't release BPA when heated, and are made with a 30% cleaner process than other plastic manufacturing. We seal the meals tightly in a light plastic coating to ensure your meals arrive home safely.

Is freshly filling?

If you ever try Freshly, this dish is a must get in my opinion. It's filling and extra yummy. It would have been even more perfect on a cold day.

Can you freeze Youfoodz meals?

While our meals are always best fresh, if you think you won't get through all of your meals before the use by date, you can absolutely freeze them for up to three months. The meal must be frozen on or prior to the use by date.

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