Do They Still Make Thingamajig Candy Bars?

Do they still make thingamajig candy bars? In 2009 Hershey's introduced Thingamajig, featuring chocolate, cocoa crisps, and peanut butter inside. It was reintroduced in late 2011 on a supposedly permanent basis. However, as of 2012, according to Hershey's Chocolate World in Pennsylvania, the Thingamajig candy bar is no longer being produced.

Is Whatchamacallit candy bar discontinued?

Since its introduction in 1987, Whatchamacallit candy has become a hugely popular sweet in the United States. Its run was short-lived – it was discontinued in 2012 – but the Whatchamacallit proved more popular.

Did Whatchamacallit always have caramel?

The Hershey Company introduced WHATCHAMACALLIT Bars in 1978. The original candy bars were made of peanut butter crisp coated in a thin layer of chocolate. In 1987, the formula was modified to include , caramel, peanut-flavored crisps, and great chocolate taste – the WHATCHAMACALLIT Bar we love today.

What do Whatchamacallits taste like?

It tastes like the sweet, chocolatey love child of a Nestlé Crunch Bar and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and even though it's filling, the chocolate crisps give it a light and airy quality.

What does Thingamajigger mean?

thingamajigger (plural thingamajiggers) (informal) An item that one does not know the name of.

What is the new Whatchamacallit candy bar called?

HERSHEY, PA. — The Hershey Co. is introducing the Whozeewhatzit Bar, Hershey's Whatchamacallit brand's first new bar in 10 years. The Whozeewhatzit Bar features chocolatey rice crisps and a layer of peanut butter crème all enrobed in chocolate. Each bar contains 250 calories.

Why is it called a Zero Bar?

ZERO was first launched by the Hollywood Brands candy company of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1920 as the Double Zero Bar and was renamed "ZERO" in 1934. It is said the name "double" zero was implied to suggest the Zero bar was "cool", as in low in temperature.

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