Can You Search Costco By Item Number?

Can you search Costco by item number? How can I find if an item is available at my local Costco? There are several ways that you can determine the availability of an item at your local warehouse: Visit the membership counter at your local Costco in person. Call your local warehouse and choose

How can I find out if Costco has an item in store?

Sign in to your account, click on “Orders & Purchases,” and select the “In-Warehouse” tab. Find the purchase you're looking for then click on “View Receipt.” The “Print Receipt” button in the upper right corner.

How do I look up a Costco purchase?

Just head over to and hit Order Status at the bottom of the page. Log in using your email address and password. Once in "My Orders," select the time period you want and hit “Find.” Voilà! You can see all orders placed within the last two years (in six month increments).

Can I shop Costco Online?

Yes, you can order from Costco online — but there are some caveats. To shop online, you don't have to have a membership card, but there are caveats. For non-members, most online items apply a 5% surcharge at checkout.

How can I check if an item is in stock at Costco Canada?

  • Visit the membership counter at your local Costco in person.
  • Call your local warehouse and choose the phone menu option for Membership.
  • Contact Member Services.
  • Do Costco items come back in stock?

    While it isn't always possible to replenish the inventory of all items, makes every effort to offer the best quality products at the lowest possible prices. Once an item has sold out, it's automatically removed from, or you'll see the "Out of Stock" banner added to the product page.

    Can I look up Costco receipts online?

    To find your receipts on your Costco online account, head to and log in. Then, click on 'Orders & Returns' in the top right corner. Just click the three dots in the bottom menu, then click over to 'Orders & Receipts' and you'll be able to toggle the tabs for online or in-store receipts there.

    Can you check Costco receipts online?

    Receipts on any orders placed within the last two years are online and ready to print. Visit and select "Order Status" near the bottom of the homepage. If you are not signed in, log in to your account. Print a copy of your receipt.

    Why Costco really checks your receipt?

    According to employees who have made not-for-attribution comments, Costco is actually examining receipts to make sure a shopper hasn't been overcharged for their purchases. By giving the receipt a cursory glance, the employee can make sure a cashier didn't inadvertently ring up phantom crates of canned tuna.

    Does Costco actually save you money?

    Though the cost-per-unit of bulk items are tempting, Costco's annual fee won't pay off if you aren't stocking up regularly. “Even though you may have saved money on the price per unit, you'll end up spending less and wasting less by buying a smaller package at another store,” Rossi says.

    Where does Costco sell its returned items?

    Costco typically puts returned products that are unused and undamaged, such as home goods and electronics, on the store floor at a discounted price as of 2021. For used and damaged returns, Costco sends these items to Grade A/B liquidation auctions, and groceries are disposed of. What is this?

    Can Costco return without receipt?

    What is Costco's return policy without a receipt? Same as with a receipt. No joke — you don't need a receipt in order to make a Costco return. You'll need your membership card or member number to complete the return.

    Does Costco ship for free?

    You don't need a membership to shop at offers 2-day delivery for its members, with free delivery on orders of $75 or more. But non-members will need to make do with 3-5 day shipping.

    Can you buy online from Costco without a membership?

    Non-members can purchase from Costco's website,, at any time. There is a downside, however: If you are not a member, you will be charged a 5% surcharge over posted prices for members (except for prescription drugs).

    Does Costco have drive up?

    Costco Curbside Pickup service offers a selection of about 2,000 grocery items, including fresh food and some nonfood products. Costco said on the website that pickup carries a $10 fee per order and a $100 minimum purchase.

    How do I track my Costco stock?

  • Find the product or products you want to buy on
  • Look up the phone number for your nearest Costco warehouse.
  • Phone your chosen warehouse.
  • Download the Costco mobile app to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select "Warehouse Offers" on the main menu.

  • How do you check Costco prices online?

    You must be logged in to and have a valid Costco Membership number saved in your online account to view pricing and/or purchase Member Only Items. When viewing product details, you will be prompted to login to your account to display pricing and enable the “Add to Cart” button.

    What day of the week does Costco restock?

    It can differ by location, but shipments generally come daily, so employees will work to restock essential and specialty items during their shifts. However, some smaller Costco stores that don't get the same customer demand may get shipments a few times a week, generally on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    How do you know when Costco will restock?

    The Costco website does not offer in-stock alerts. However, if you're searching for a specific item, you can sign up for Costco in-stock alerts using PriceCase. This free price tracker monitors websites and sends notifications when products are restocked or price changes occur.

    What day is best to buy Costco?

    Weekday Mornings

    If you visit Costco right after the store opens on a weekday morning, before 11 a.m., you'll avoid the chaos that is often experienced on busy weekends. Many stores do see an uptick in visitors during the lunch hour, so it's best to get in and get out before lunchtime.

    Can stores pull up old receipts?

    Most companies keep copies of receipts, but it is best to contact the store to see if a reprint is possible. Most stores will not give you cash on returned items when you don't have your receipt, but a store credit will allow you to purchase another item of equal or lesser value.

    Can you return a TV to Costco after 90 days?

    Electronics: Costco will accept returns within 90 days (from the date the member received the merchandise) for Televisions, Projectors, Major Appliances (refrigerators above 10 cu.

    How long can you return to Costco?

    Costco has one of the most generous return policies in the retail world. You can basically return anything you've purchased at the warehouse club at any time for a full refund — except for electronics and major appliances, which have a 90-day return policy with receipt.

    Can I fill gas cans at Costco?

    A: The fuel station is open to Costco members only. A: The fuel station is entirely self-serve, with pay-at-the-pump technology. We accept Visa®, most PIN debit cards and Costco Shop Cards.

    What is Costco Canada return policy?

    Most items can be returned to Costco for almost any reason with no time limit on when you can return them. There are a few exceptions, such as electronics, which must be returned within 90 days.

    What does N mean on a receipt?

    Report Ad. N means the item is nontaxable. X indicated the product is taxable. O listed products are nontaxable sale items.

    What does G mean on Costco receipt?

    GP = GST and PST, etc. So if the cashier did it right, the receipt would show: Item x.xx GP. coupon -3.00. And you would pay taxes on any G and/or P items.

    What is Costco checking when you leave?

    It is standard practice at all our warehouse locations to verify purchase receipts when customers exit our buildings. We do this to double-check that the items purchased have been correctly processed by our cashiers.

    Can I return something to Costco after 2 years?

    Members can return almost any product at any time if they are not satisfied with it. Some members, however, may see this as an opportunity to return worn or used items several years after buying them.

    Can I return an item to Costco without a box?

    Yes. You do NOT need the original packaging or product manual in order to return the product to Costco. But, you do need all of the parts and accessories that came with the product. This is a wonderful feature, especially when you've had a product for a while and no longer have any of the original packaging.

    Will Costco take back a broken TV?

    Costco Return Policy: Know Before You Go

    The ground rule when it comes to Costco's refund policy is that you can basically return anything, at any time, no questions asked — with some limited exceptions. That extends to merchandise like computers, mattresses, TVs and your membership.

    Can you return diapers to Costco?

    Costco's 100% satisfaction guarantee allows customers to return diapers anytime if they are unsatisfied. Receive a full refund or exchange when you show proof of purchase such as a receipt or provide your membership number if you have lost the receipt.

    Can I return toilet paper to Costco?

    That's right, if you or your paranoid in-law have been hoarding toilet paper from Costco, don't even consider returning it. On the bright side, you may never have to wrestle those bulky packages home again. And you could always TP a neighbor's house if the cabin fever is getting to you.

    Can I return clothes to Costco without tags?

    You can return clothes to Costco without the tags or the original packaging, however, you will need to bring your valid Costco membership card to the store for verification. Costco will only refuse clothes that have irreplaceable damages (surpassing natural wear and tear).

    What does white glove delivery mean?

    White glove delivery, which includes services like inside delivery, room of choice and dunnage removal, is an ArcBest®final-mile solution designed for heavy or oddly shaped items. We'll deliver an item into a home or business, place it in the desired location and remove any packaging materials.

    How long do Costco orders take to ship?

    You will receive an email confirmation once your order ships. Please allow up to 24 hours for tracking information to become available.


    Delivery Times
    UPS Estimated Delivery (including production time)
    Standard Up to 7 business days
    2-Day Up to 5 business days
    Overnight Up to 4 business days

    Does Costco ship to your house?

    With Same-Day Delivery, Costco members in qualifying ZIP codes can order perishable groceries online, including organic meats, produce and seafood. Items are delivered during a selected delivery window for your convenience. After they finish your grocery list, the Instacart shopper will deliver your order.

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