Are Vienna Fingers Good?

Are Vienna Fingers good? love Vienna Fingers! a great alternative to a chocolate cookie, not too sweet and awesome when just opened! These are good with milk or coffee. Excellent vanilla taste that goes well plain or with milk. They are good anytime.

How many cookies are in a Vienna Fingers package?

Keebler Vienna Fingers Creme Filled, Sandwich Cookies, 14.2 Ounce, Pack of 12.

How many calories are in a Vienna Finger cookie?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 75 (314 kJ)
Sugars 5 g
Protein 0.5 g
Calcium 0 mg
Alcohol 0 g

Are Vienna Fingers gluten free?

Delicate Viennese Fingers. Light, buttery, melt-in-the-mouth biscuits dipped in dark chocolate. Gluten free. Egg free.

What happened Sunshine Bakery?

Sunshine Biscuits was an independent American baker of cookies, crackers, and cereals.

Sunshine Biscuits.

Type Public
Founders Joseph Loose Jacob Loose John H. Wiles
Defunct 1996
Fate Acquired
Successor Keebler/Kellogg's

What do Vienna Fingers taste like?

VCCC (Vanilla Creme Cookie Challenge) Results

Vienna Fingers SnackWell's
Tester Comments Bland, “Not Bad”, Perfect exact mix of cookie & cream flavor, Cookie doesn't have a lot of flavor – too dry, Tastes like an Animal Cracker Cake-like flavor, “Boo”, Taste the cake more than the creme, Cookie has a nice texture

Why is it called a Vienna finger?

In the play, Oscar Madison attempts to distract a depressed Felix Ungar with snack food: "How about vanilla wafers? Or Vienna fingers? I got everything." In January 1985, the product was renamed "Vienna Fingers".

Are Golden Oreos the same as Vienna Fingers?

Golden Oreos tend to get overlooked in the hurricane of flavors, new and old. They're forgettable, but not bad with their Vienna Finger-like flavor and crunch. It's the same vanilla cookie/creme flavors as the original.

Which came first Oreo or Hydrox?

In 1912 when Oreos hit grocery store shelves, they were actually the second chocolate sandwich cookie to do so, because Hydrox cookies debuted in 1908. The latter was manufactured by Sunshine Biscuits, while Oreos were and still are manufactured by Nabisco.

Are cameo cookies still made?

Nabisco discontinued the Cameo Cookie sometime in 2012. The reason was for "lack of sale".

Are Vienna Fingers dairy free?

Vienna Fingers

Keebler's classic vanilla cookies, filled with cream are free from eggs, butter, and other animal products, making them a fun vegan-friendly snack.

What happened to Hydrox cookies?

It debuted in the United States in 1908, and was manufactured by Sunshine Biscuits for over 90 years. Hydrox was largely discontinued in 1999 three years after Sunshine was acquired by Keebler, which was later acquired by Kellogg's.


Owner Leaf Brands (2014–present)
Country U.S.
Introduced 1908
Related brands Oreo

Who originally made Vienna Fingers?

Sunshine Biscuits Company, started around 1902, first began selling Vienna Fingers in 1919. Today, they are known around the world, especially after Sunshine Biscuits donated more than 21,000 of the cookies to troops during the Gulf War in 1990.

What cookies are better than Oreos?

  • 1 Better: Newman O's Hint-O-Mint.
  • 2 Inferior: Nabisco Ginger Snaps.
  • 3 Better: Snackwell's Devil's Food Cookie Cakes.
  • 4 Inferior: Keebler Fudge Stripes.
  • 5 Better: Keebler Coconut Dreams.
  • 6 Inferior: Pepperidge Farm Milano Dark Chocolate.

  • What do Golden Oreos taste like?

    Perfect taste of vanilla and cream. These are great if you are looking for a vanilla cookie with vanilla filling and they do have a wonderful taste and to me are not too sweet just right. Delicious Golden Oreos are the best cookies. They are delicious and light.

    Does Hydrox taste better?

    According to taste testers and fans of both cookies, the difference can be found in both the cookie and the cream. The Hydrox cookie is more crunchy with a stronger chocolate taste, while Oreo cookies are a little more crumbly but with more sweetness.

    How did Hydrox get their name?

    According to a Wall Street Journal article about the 2008 revival, “The Hydrox name came from combining the words hydrogen and oxygen, which Sunshine executives thought evoked purity. Others thought it sounded more like a laundry detergent.”

    What was the first sandwich cookie?

    That first sandwich cookie was awkwardly dubbed “Hydrox”—purportedly hoping to evoke the “purity and goodness” of water by using the names of that compound's two elements, “hydrogen” and “oxygen.” (Because nothing goes together like cookies and…

    Why did Nabisco stop making cameo cookies?

    Nabisco discontinued the Cameo Cookie sometime in 2012. The reason was for "lack of sale".

    Who owns cameo cookies?

    The Cameo Creme is a chocolate sandwich biscuit with a coconut cream filling made by Griffin's Foods of New Zealand. Cameo Cremes are available in 250g single packs.

    What happened Nabisco?

    acquired Nabisco and merged it with Kraft Foods in one of the largest mergers in the food industry. In 2011, Kraft Foods announced that it was splitting into a grocery company and a snack food company. Nabisco became part of the snack-food business, which took the name Mondelēz International.

    Does Oreo contain dairy?

    There's no dairy listed in the ingredients, but vegans know better than to stop there. "Oreos have milk as cross-contact and therefore are not suitable for vegans," it reads. This means small amounts of milk may have come into contact with the cookies or the equipment used to make them.

    When did they stop making Uneeda Biscuits?

    Unfortunately for our sense of nostalgia, Nabisco discontinued the Uneeda brand cracker in 2009 (although the company seems to have stopped caring for its Lowell wall mural long before that).

    When were Uneeda Biscuits discontinued?

    Nabisco discontinued the Uneeda Biscuit in 2009. The product's rise and fall tracked exactly with the rise and fall of mass media.

    Who made Uneeda Biscuits?

    In the 1890s, Adolphus Green introduced a light, flaky, long-lasting crispy cracker to the world.

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