Are Cherry And Marcia SOC Girls?

Are Cherry and Marcia SOC girls? They met Cherry and Marcia, two Soc girls. response to Dally with her response to Pony. Dally was rude, crude, foul-mouthed and annoying to the girls. Pony was polite, sensitive and rather soft-spoken.

Are Cherry and Marcia greasers or SOCS?

Cherry and Marcia are Soc girls. They then befriended Pony and Johnny, especially after Dally hassled the girls and Johnny stood up to him. Cherry did not mind being seen with greasers, even though she knew she was not going to hang out with them at school.

Who are Cherry and Marcia why are they sitting alone at the movie?

Why were Cherry and Marcia alone at the drive-in? The girls had a fight with their boyfriends, who left. Pony was somewhat surprised that he was getting along with Cherry and Marcia.

How are Cherry and Marcia different from the girls?

They are poor and most of them have messed up families. How are Cherry and Marcia different from the girls the greasers normally hang out with? They actually hung out with them, they had manners and were not into parties. What does Cherry mean when she tells Ponyboy "things are rough all over"?

Does Ponyboy have a crush on Cherry?

Cherry tells Ponyboy she liked him from the start because of the way he talked and because he is a nice kid, which is a rarity, and she wanted to help him and the other greasers. Ponyboy asks her if she could see the sunset well from the West Side, and she confirms this as true.

What is Cherry's last name in the outsiders?

Cherry Valance

Bob's girlfriend, she is a Soc cheerleader whom Ponyboy meets at the movies. Cherry's real name is Sherri, but people call her Cherry because of her red hair. Ponyboy and Cherry have a great deal in common, and Ponyboy feels comfortable talking to her.

Who is Cherry's best friend in the outsiders?

Marcia: Cherry's best friend. Robert "Bob" Sheldon: Cherry's boyfriend, he is stabbed by Johnny. Randy Adderson: A friend of Bob's and Marcia's boyfriend.

Who died in outsiders?

The soc, Bob Sheldon, dies first. When Ponyboy and Johnny flee after Darry hit Ponyboy they run into their rivals Bob and his best friend Randy Adderson. Bob takes Ponyboy and starts drowning him until Johnny gets his switchblade out and kills Bob. After this, Johnny dies.

Why does Sandy move to Florida?

She indeed cheated on Soda and got pregnant with someone else. Soda wanted to marry her, and help care for the baby, but she told him to stay away from her, moving to Florida to live with her grandparents.

Why was Cherry mad at Bob?

Ponyboy is initially upset that Cherry feels this way about Bob because he is more concerned with Johnny's well-being. Cherry explains to Ponyboy that she also recognized Bob's negative characteristics but could not bring herself to see the person who murdered her boyfriend.

What story does Ponyboy tell cherry?

Ponyboy tells her the story about when Johnny was beaten badly by a group of Socs four months earlier. He tells Cherry that he, Steve, and Sodapop were walking home from the DX station when Steve noticed a jacket lying on the road.

Who were Cherry and Marcia's boyfriends?

2. Who were Cherry and Marcia's boyfriends? They were Bob and Randy, two of the Socs who beat up Johnny.

How do Ponyboy and Johnny meet Cherry and Marcia?

Several greasers, including Ponyboy's two older brothers—the paternal Darry and the popular Sodapop—come to his rescue. The next night, Ponyboy and two greaser friends, the hardened Dally and the quiet Johnny, meet Cherry and Marcia, a pair of Soc girls, at a drive-in movie theater.

What did Randy say to Ponyboy in the car?

As Ponyboy gets out of the car, Randy says, "Thanks, grease . . . I didn't mean that, I meant, thanks, kid." "My name's Ponyboy. . . . Nice talkin' to you, Randy." Ponyboy thinks, "Socs are just guys after all. Things are rough all over, but it was better that way.

How does Ponyboy feel about Cherry and Marcia?

He is brokenhearted that he can't continue a friendship with Cherry just because of class distinctions even though they both "watch the sunset" (p. 40). Later, while talking alone again with Two-bit, he tries to explain away the humiliation by saying talking to the Greasers would ruin Cherry's and Marcia's reputations.

Does Ponyboy get a girlfriend?

Ponyboy makes plans to go to the drive-in with Johnny and Dally the following night, and then the greasers part ways. Sodapop then shares with Ponyboy his plan to marry Sandy, his girlfriend.

Who is Ponyboy's girlfriend?

Sherri (Cherry) Valance.

How old is Marcia the outsiders?


Name Description
Sandy 16 years old, Sodapop's former girlfriend.
Cherry A soc, 16 years old, Bob's girlfriend, befriend's Ponyboy and Johnny, bestfriends with Marcia.
Marcia A soc, 16 years old, Randy's girlfriend, befriends Two-Bit, Cherry's bestfriend.
Mrs. O'Briant Member of the burnt down church.

Why is cherry an outsider?

Even within her own social class, Cherry is an outsider. She remains committed to circumscribing herself within the confines of her social class and obeying the “rules” by not talking to Ponyboy at school. Cherry feels caught between being a Soc and being an individual.

What is Ponyboy's personality?

What is ponyboy's personality? Ponyboy is soft-spoken and sensitive in The Outsiders. He feels everything very deeply and expresses himself through words and poetry. He loves his friends and his brothers with everything he has, and he would do anything for them.

What does Marcia do in The Outsiders?

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree. In the S.E. Hinton novel, 'The Outsiders', some minor characters are introduced to back up themes of the story.

Who does Marcia like in The Outsiders?

Marcia is Cherry's friend and Randy's girlfriend.

Who is Marcia from The Outsiders?

Michelle Meyrink portrays Marcia in the 1983 production of The Outsiders. She is now the owner of the acting school 'Actorium' in Vancouver.

Why are Cherry and Marcia different from each other?

Ponyboy realizes that Cherry and Marcia are not alike after witnessing how differently the two girls respond to Dally's untoward behavior. Cherry takes an active role and tells Dally off, while Marcia passively ignores him and does not react.

Who kills Dally?

How does Dally die? The policemen kill Dally. After Johnny dies in the hospital, Dally is so upset, he runs away from Ponyboy and robs a grocery store. The police chase him to the empty lot where the greasers hang out.

What happens to Ponyboy Curtis?

Overwhelmed, Ponyboy passes out. Ponyboy wakes up in bed at home. He has suffered a concussion from a kick to the head at the rumble and has been delirious in bed for several days. When he is well, he attends his hearing, where the judge treats him kindly and acquits him of responsibility for Bob's death.

Is Johnny Cade dead?

After saving some children from a burning building, Dallas and Ponyboy sustained some injuries. Both in the novel and in the movie, however, the character Johnny endured the worst burns. He fought for his life but eventually died in the hospital.

Is Sandy in Grease a virgin?

Sandy is the antithesis of Rizzo. She's a blonde-haired, mild-mannered virgin who is saving herself for someone she truly loves. Sandy is vilified for her position on virginity by all of those around her, but it's Rizzo who sings a whole song mocking Sandy's “purity” (“Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee”).

What happened between sodapop and Sandy?

Ponyboy asks Sodapop about Sandy and learns that she got pregnant and moved to Florida. Her parents refused to let her marry Sodapop because of his age, so Sandy left to live with her grandmother. Sodapop and Darry go to work, and Two-Bit and Ponyboy go to get Cokes at the Tasty Freeze.

Who was sodapop's girlfriend?

Tulsa's own Lynne Hatheway Anthony was cast as Sodapop's girlfriend, Sandy.

What did Cherry say that made Ponyboy angry *?

Expert Answers

Ponyboy first gets upset with Cherry in Chapter 8 when she says that she will not go visit Johnny at the hospital. He feels like "It was the least she could do. It was her boyfriend who caused it all" (128). Ponyboy's rudeness stems from an anger that runs much

Who was drunk in the outsiders?

Cherry and Marcia left their dates because they brought alcohol. Cherry and Marcia are Soc girls. They do not approve of their boyfriends' methods. The boys get drunk too often, and get violent.

What happened to Ponyboy's parents?

Ponyboy's parents died in a car crash, so the three Curtis brothers live together by themselves, an arrangement possible only as long as they stay out of trouble. Twenty-year-old Darry acts as head of the family. He is strict with Ponyboy and often yells at him.

Who is nicknamed Cherry?

7. Who is nicknamed Cherry? Sherri.

Why did dally fall in love with cherry?

Cherry is obviously attracted to bad boys and admires Dally's outlook on life. Dally does whatever he wants and does not respect authority figures. She may also view Dally as a brave outlaw. Cherry may be attracted to Dally's courageous personality.

What cut Johnny's face so badly in the fight?

One of the Socs wore several rings and the rings badly cut Johnny. The beating wasn't what had changed Johnny, it was the fact that they had scared him. Johnny never walked alone anymore, and he vowed that he would kill the next person who jumped him.

Why can't Cherry visit Johnny in the hospital?

Cherry Valance is at the vacant lot when the boys go by. She speaks to both Pony and Two-Bit and assures them that the Socs are going to follow the rules — no weapons. Pony asks her whether she is going to visit Johnny in the hospital, but she says that she just can't because Johnny had killed her boyfriend.

Is Randy Marcia's boyfriend in the outsiders?

Cherry and Marcia are with Socs named Bob and Randy. It is Cherry's boyfriend, Bob, that Johnny kills. Pony and Johnny meet two nice Soc girls at the movies. Cherry and Marcia left their boyfriends because they were drinking too much.

Are the names Ponyboy and sodapop nicknames?

3. Are the names Ponyboy and Sodapop nicknames? No, the names Ponyboy and Sodapop are the characters' actual names, given to them by their parents. The names are unusual and original because, in the words of Ponyboy, his dad “was an original person.”

What is Cherry's relationship with Ponyboy?

Cherry and Ponyboy are essentially "soul-mates" throughout the novel. Cherry becomes a spy for the Greasers and provides information about the Socs before the upcoming rumble. Ponyboy respects Cherry and understands the difficult situation she is in.

Should Johnny have killed Bob?

Johnny should not be held accountable for Bob's death because Bob was very drunk when he approached the boys that night. Johnny killed Bob because he attacked him and Ponyboy. Johnny should not be held accountable for his actions because he was just defending himself and Ponyboy.

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